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TV advertising can be a complicated game. We'll make sure you're set up to win.

What we do

MMSI is a results-driven media agency. We offer expert guidance through every part of your TV ad campaign and the know-how to scale it efficiently. Our data-driven experience leads to superior planning, strategy, and optimizations that enhance performance and produce efficiencies. Our focus? Getting you the lowest CPA and the most sales possible.

How we do it

We create smart and strategic media plans based on a solid understanding of your brand goals and your consumers’ media habits. We know when and where they’re watching TV and can target them precisely. Then we amp up the efficiency of your campaign through savvy network negotiations.

We deliver both measurable sales and brand awareness through Transactional Brand Building, a proven methodology developed especially for our clients. Our East Coast location (in Warwick, RI) gives us easy access to network sales representatives in New York City.

MMSI offers the best of both worlds: we’re nimble and agile, and we have access to large-agency technology and expertise through our sister agency, R2C Group. That relationship gives us knowledge gathered from over $9 billion in response data. It also gives us the clout that comes with being part of the largest independently owned direct response network in the country.

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Why you should work with us

You can trust us to treat your business like it’s our business. After all, we succeed only when you succeed, and we’ve had a lot of success over the last 30 years. In that time we’ve helped thousands of clients produce billions in sales.

The Team

With experience in every vertical, we can help guide you through TV campaigns that are affordable and successful.

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